Architectural and Interior Design

Architectural and Interior Design

When evaluating careers when you graduate from high school, in addition to taking into account your vocation, interests, and possibilities of access to college, it is also important to ask yourself where you will be able to work once you have graduated as a professional. In the case of Architectural and Interior Design, this question has a range of answers.

Studies in this area prepare you, in the first instance, to work in areas where engineering, art, science, technology and creativity complement each other to improve the lives of people who occupy, visit or live in new, remodeled or rehabilitated spaces.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of jobs that involve doing all those things. That is why, in this article, I will share with you 8 jobs you could apply for as an Architectural and Interior Designer.

Member of an architectural firm

The most obvious option for a graduate in Architectural and Interior Design is to work in an architectural studio.

The complexity of creating optimal spaces, with characteristics of habitability, functionality and aesthetics that respond to the demands of the clients, is a field of work where the professionals of this branch have ample space.

The best architectural studios usually offer complete projects that involve not only the design of structures, but also their internal development, so they hire specialized personnel to raise the quality of their proposals.

Construction companies and/or suppliers of construction materials

To stand out among their competition, some construction firms, as well as companies specialized in supplies for construction and decoration, include among their services architectural and interior design consultancy.

In other words, they offer their clients specialized consulting services to optimize their projects, whether they are design, construction, remodeling or rehabilitation of infrastructure.

This service broadens the field of work of graduates in Architectural and Interior Design, because due to the extensive training they receive in technical, technological and artistic areas, they are able to provide excellent advice to complement the construction services, and result in satisfied customers with the works they perform.

Government organizations

Government agencies are responsible for the development and recovery of infrastructure for various purposes: schools, hospitals, administrative and public service offices, squares, museums and many other spaces.

Therefore, another possible field of work for those who choose to study Architecture and Interior Design are some instances of central and regional governments.

In this field, graduates of this career have much to contribute so that public works respond to the structural, functional and aesthetic needs that citizens deserve.

Sectors related to tourism

Organizations related to the tourism economy, whether private or public, when dealing with the development and maintenance of places of recreational, cultural and service use, are potential employers of architectural and interior designers, either for specific projects or as permanent staff.

This includes, for example, transport terminals (airports, train and bus stations), hotels, restaurants, amusement parks and museums, as the quality of the environments is a key factor in attracting tourists and mobilizing the economy.

Show business and advertising

Architectural and Interior Design graduates have an excellent opportunity for professional application in the so-called showbiz.

Television companies, film production companies and event organizers are some potential sources of employment for you, since the showbiz keeps a practically inexhaustible pace.

Television sets, stages for plays and concerts, film sets, advertising guidelines in visual and audiovisual media, congress and conference rooms, and much more.

The contribution you can make to this field is even adapted to the technological evolution occurring, for example, in the film industry, where computing has gained ground over traditional stage construction.

Well, the interesting thing here is that, even virtually, the scenarios must be designed, and the study of this career prepares you in the mastery of digital tools so that you do not fall behind in this and other work areas.

Large corporations

A company’s image is a fundamental part of its prestige; but it is not only about the communicational image of a firm, its brands and products.

In fact, the characteristics of the physical infrastructure are of great importance for many organizations, which conceive their facilities to exhibit their strength and reliability, as is the case of banks, legal firms and pharmaceutical companies, to cite a few examples.

And beyond the concern for image, some companies are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of the quality of their employees’ workplaces. In this sense, they are betting on creating work spaces that take into account not only aesthetics, but also ergonomics, process flow and human relations.

This, of course, opens up your career opportunities as an architectural and interior designer, and the compendium of skills and abilities you must develop to graduate from this valuable profession.

Shopping centres and shops

The shopping experiences of consumers in large commercial spaces are not usually left to chance.

There are professional teams that design the traffic, study psychological factors, analyze people’s needs and desires, and apply that knowledge to specific spaces such as supermarket chains and malls. These teams are perfectly suited to the figure of an architectural and interior design professional.

In the same vein, from designing showcases and stands to huge exhibits in fairgrounds, there are many job options for you, if you study this career.

Starting your own business

As a graduate in Architecture and Interior Design you can take over your own consulting firm and specialize in the areas of your choice.

This self-employment option would allow you to create your own client portfolio and grow as a company and attend projects in different places in Mexico and the world.